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A Bit About House Concerts

Think about a house concert as a potluck with entertainment. Is your house big enough to host a potluck or movie night for a minimum of 30 and/or up to 50 or more friends? You may be surprised how many people fit in a small living room, artist’s loft, or back yard. If you think you have enough friends and neighbors that would be interested, chances are you can host a house show. We love the intimacy and personal interaction at house shows.

It is up to you, the host, to invite only people you know, or to make the event open to the public.

The evening typically looks like this: 7pm guests start arriving and hanging out. 8pm music starts. Then, depending on host preference, we'd play a 40 minute set, take a 20 minute break for everyone to socialize and then return for another 30 - 40 minute set. Alternately, we can play 90 minutes or more, straight through.


Logistics: Living Rooms, dens, patios - all work. You can ask people to bring folding chairs, or sit on a floor. We have a mini PA we will bring if we are driving – our music will not be loud, just loud enough for folks to head and understand us. The host can choose whether to provide snacks and drinks, and/or to ask guests to bring a dish for a potluck. It’s up to your preferences and your friends’ tastes!


It's customary for the host to ask for a "Suggested Donation" - normally $20. This is collected at the door and gets paid to the performer.

Email us if you'd like to learn more

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