APRIL 2020
From our start in 1991 to today, we have had our share of success and uncertainty - par for the course in the music business. But of course the pandemic has created a whole new level of uncertainty for all of us. And we've been sadly unable to make music together because Scott's recent wrist surgery has left him one-handed for a while.
So, we've put together some things we think are fun:
  • a dropbox link to our ENTIRE DISCOGRAPHY and some live video.
  • A never-before-seen video of our 20th ANNIVERSARY SHOW at the Rams Head OnStage (October 2011) featuring Tony Denikos, Todd Wright, Red Letter Day, The Sidleys, Ruut, Rob Belanger, Patty Reese, Dave Chappell, Patrick Klink, Nick Bertling, Jay Swanson, Glenn Workman, ellen cherry, and Andy & Denise covering their favorite tunes from our catalog.

This donation will give you to access to the Discography link. We've left the value designation totally up to you! We hope everyone is safe and well. Sure do miss you!

And if you feel like shopping, we've got your favorite Jack Reacher T's and CDs on the MERCH page!

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