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"The songs themselves are bold, assertive blues-rock tunes that, thanks to Jennifer Smith’s throaty, expressive delivery,

remind of artists like Susan Tedeschi and Lucinda Williams without feeling derivative of either;

Naked Blue is its own thing, a potent pairing whose natural rawness and muscle suit the Reacher ethos beautifully." 

- Jason Warburg, The Daily Vault

I’ve listened to 'Just the Clothes On My Back' a lot since it came out and I thoroughly enjoy it. I think it does a great job capturing the “inner essence” of Jack Reacher (a concept he’d probably boggle at) and delivering it with some great bluesy-rock/Americana tunes. Even if you’re not Reacher-obsessed, or you don’t think about the character, the songs hold up just fine — you don’t even have to know anything about the album to appreciate it. But if you are a Reacher fan, you’ll enjoy it a lot more. Great tunes that get into your head and threaten to take up earworm-like residence. Jennifer Ferguson Smith might not seem the ideal person to give musical voice to the 6’5″, 210–250 lbs., ex-MP with a 50″ chest, but she somehow pulls it off. The vocals are great."

HCNewton, The Irresponsible Reader

"I couldn't get the thought out of my head that alternative, rock, and AAA radio stations are playing similar music that simply isn't this good...

has an honesty that sets it apart from much of the hollow, mindless music on pop radio."



Drawing from the Americana tradition and keeping a roots rock sensibility, performing songwriter team Jen and Scott Smith, and their band Naked Blue, have become a mainstay on the singer-songwriter/pop scene. They have released 7 full-length albums and built a devoted following of their songwriting, recordings and performances, Their latest release is an extraordinary collaboration with bestselling author Lee Child based on his iconic Jack Reacher character, entitled Just the Clothes on My Back. Touring the album in 2019 saw headline shows including City Winery in NYC and Nashville, Firehouse Saloon - Houston, The Hamilton Live - DC, World Cafe Live - Philly, Red Clay Theatre - Duluth, and more.

Scott and Jen's obvious joyous connection on stage and easy rapport with their audience are the hallmark of their performance style; defined by their interwoven guitar work, Jen's instantly recognizable smoky, vulnerable voice and Scott's passionate, impeccable lead guitar. Over the years they've developed a reputation for great songwriting as well; credits include cuts on Evangeline's 'French Quarter Moon' Margaritaville / MCA, Troy Turner's single on Telarc Records and many many tracks in TV and film, including Brooklyn South, The Smokers and The Girl Next Door.


Naked Blue has worked with a host of fine artists, sharing stages with John Mayer, Joe Cocker, Dan Fogelberg and Aimee Mann, to name a few. Scott and Jen's Wood and Stone Room recording studio and Wood and Stone Songwriting Retreat have led to collaboration credits on a songwriting Who’s Whoi ncluding Todd Wright, Jon Carroll, Wyatt Easterling, Anton Fig and more.



A few short clips from City Winery November 1, 2018

Visionary director NC Heikin and producer James Egan have some fun with

Naked Blue and Lee Child on this video of the title track of the new album, Just the Clothes on My Back.

Official Video - One Hit


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